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We help software product companies differentiate with robust technology and high quality of user experience. We help build software-as-a-service(SaaS) products, which require high processing speeds, multi-tenancy, multi-tier architecture and support strong integrations as part of an ecosystem of solutions
We provide comprehensive software engineering services including development and quality assurance services that enable product companies to bring their solutions to the market. Learn more about our technical skills and expertise.

Make your Products Intelligent

Every successful new application built today will be an intelligent application. Chat bots, Virtual assistants, e-commerce sites, dating apps are all continuously improving experiences for users. In addition, legacy applications are becoming intelligent to compete and keep pace with the new wave of applications.

Our proficiency lies in adding intelligence to applications leveraging the latest machine learning and big data tools & platforms as per the business needs. Learn more about our Machine Learning expertise.

Adopt Agile Infrastructure

We architect cloud native applications and DevOps processes using modern technologies like micro-services, containers and serverless to enable continuous integration, continuous delivery and agile infrastructure.

We recommend the appropriate tools & technologies, processes and the right architecture as per the business needs to enable products to ship high quality releases and improve time to market. Learn more about our DevOps skills and services.

Improve Product Scalability

We have years of expertise in building scalable solutions that tackle infrastructure and technology challenges. We recommend a decoupled architecture with independently scalable components (caching, messaging, databases, search).

We leverage microservices, serverless and various cloud services to implement a highly scalable infrastructure.

Our Approach


We hire engineers who are excited about working on our customers' products & technologies leading to high degree of  ownership and alignment to the product vision.


Velotio pays special attention to IP protection and confidentiality practices for the network and physical protection of the Clients Software’s IP. We setup dedicated private networks and VPNs with restricted access for each customer.

Hire the best quality

We hire top-notch engineers from the best colleges in India. The senior engineers come from leading product companies like IBM, Sun, BMC and Seagate.


We continuously invest in learning and evaluating new platforms and technologies. We organise hackathons, lunch and learn sessions and build service accelerators. We help customers decide the right tools and technologies for their products.


Iterative development makes room for rapidly changing requirements. Improving and refining the product becomes easier. With a thoroughly agile process, we mitigate risks, evolve rapidly and deliver the best product.


As growing pains set in, we will help you scale, integrate with other applications and adopt best practices. We can setup teams that can code, test, create engaging user interfaces, analyze data and manage your infrastructure.

Engagement Models

We deliver quality software using multiple models as described below. We are flexible about models as per needs & demands of customers.


This model is suitable for customers who wish to augment an existing team with  remote team members. We have extensive experience working with remote customer teams across different timezones and variety of collaborative and communication tools.


Customers who wish to set up their own engineering centers engage us in this model. We help build the team with full transparency of costs and strategy. When the customer is ready the team is transferred to the client entity.


Model preferred by customers wanting minimal involvement with deliveries. We take ownership of the entire solution delivery and work towards achieving agreed upon timelines.

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Velotio is bringing Silicon Valley product development ethos to deep-tech outsourcing.
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