Velotio is committed to bringing you right candidates with enough experience and skills at the right price.


Team Augmentation is a strategy for evaluating skills of your current in-house team and adding to it the lacking skillset by hiring external remote team/experts.

Boost your product development with Velotio's team of experts. Scale rapidly with our Developers, DevOps engineers, QA specialists, UI/UX Designers and Product Managers.

While you will drive the work activities of the extended team, be liberated from hiring cost,training, equipment and other overheads.


If you cannot find great developers, want to scale your team fast and for a temporary period, cannot afford in-house developers locally, or simply don’t have time for building an in-house team, then staff augmentation is for you.

Team augmentation is almost like having an in-house team, just that they are located offshore. In comparison to project outsourcing, staff augmentation gives you more project management control, cost control and less risk on a long term.


Our Process

A for Agile

Flexibility is important in today's dynamic digital marketplaces. Our team follows the agile software development methodology, a repeated loop of build-measure-learn. We prototype early, test and re-evaluate assumptions.  This allows for continuous validation and iterative development.

Regular Communication

We firmly believe transparent and regular communication is essential for strong business relationships. Complete clarity and regular updates are the cornerstones of our development process, ensuring you are always well informed and updated on the team's progress.


Quality is the Key

Quality assurance, automated tests, test-driven development and peer code review are crucial parts of our development process. We are obsessed with quality and go to great lengths to ensure our developers produce quality code that speaks for itself.


Our Technology Expertise 

Technology Expertise - Velotio Technology

Our Approach

Clarity & Transparency

Daily Standups and updates, Weekly Demos, Slack availibility - We take communication seriously!

High Quality Maintainable Code

Clean, refactored code that meets global standards. Easy for any developer to read and understand.

Quality + Reliability

Automated tests / code reviews to give you complete peace of mind(and help us sleep well at night!)

Source Code & IP Protection

Your project is totally yours. We care about protecting your interests, and ensure the code developed for you and your IP is protected.

Lean, Business Focused Mindset 

We want you and your business to succeed, and like to think of ourselves as your partners. Our team is invested in helping you succeed, and is completely on board with your strategy and roadmap.

Time & Material Engagement

Time and Material is what we prefer, and with good reason. Get a demo of your product each week and an invoice every two weeks - A transparent process!

Velotio is bringing Silicon Valley product development ethos to deep-tech outsourcing.
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