What is Serverless?

Serverless is a disruptive technology and a fast emerging trend in software architecture. 

Serverless means two things:

  1. Serverless was initially used to describe fully hosted services or Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) offerings where you fully depend on a 3rd party to manage the server-side logic and state. Examples include AWS S3 (storage), Auth0 (authentication), AWS Dynamo (database), Firebase, etc.

  2. The popular interpretation of Serverless is Functions-as-a-Service(FaaS) where developers can upload code that is run within stateless compute containers that are triggered by a variety of events, are ephemeral and fully managed by the cloud platform. FaaS obviates the need to provision, manage, scale or manage availability of your own servers. The most popular FaaS offering is AWS Lambda but Microsoft Azure Functions , Auth0 Webtask, Google Cloud Functions are also coming up with fast maturing offerings. IBM OpenWhisk, Iron.io allow serverless environments to be setup on-premise as well.

Hosted services have been around for a while but FaaS is an innovation. Now for the first time, you just code and run, truly NoOps! FaaS offerings containerize your applications and services, and auto-scale them as per demand. The cloud provider only bills you for the resources consumed - truly pay-as-you-go.

Serverless Landscape

Serverless Landscape - Velotio Technologies

Serverless Benefits

  • Unlimited scalability (especially with Lambda@Edge, you can even run your code at the AWS Edge locations world-wide, reducing latencies). And you achieve this global scalability with minimal effort.

  • No servers to manage or patch. You do need to manage the variety of cloud services that make up your application logic but there are code-driven and continuous delivery solutions to manage that.

  • Truly pay-as-you-go model

  • Supports wide variety of languages - Node.js, Python, Java, Scala & C#

  • Empowers the developer and provides agility.

  • Repeatable, code-defined infrastructure with cloud provider SLAs.

  • Container-based isolation, portability, and scalability for your application without any extra effort.

Along with AWS services such as API Gateway, Redshift, IAM, DynamoDB, S3, Kinesis, and the various frameworks and libraries, any startup or enterprise can build massively scalable systems much more quickly than before.

How Velotio Can Help?

Bots, IoT, mobile app backends, IoT backends, data processing/ETL, scheduled jobs and any other event driven use-cases are a perfect fit for serverless.

The serverless movement is just getting started and you can expect cloud vendors to invest heavily in improving the feature set and capabilities of serverless offerings. The serverless frameworks, DevOps teams, operational management and monitoring of FaaS will continue to mature. There are a lot of trends at play here — containerization, serverless, LessOps, voice and chat bots, IoT proliferation, globalization and agility demands. All of these will accelerate serverless adoption.

Velotio provides serverless consulting and application development services. We have leveraged AWS Lambda, Google Cloud & Azure Functions for interesting use-cases of our clients. We can help you to architect your serverless components and deploy them with infrastructure as a code.

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