About us

We are a team of passionate and energetic entrepreneurs with 40+ years of combined experience. The founding team previously founded and successfully sold Clogeny Technologies (to Seagate Technologies) - one of the most respected cloud computing based companies in India. The founders have experience in leading 300+ size teams and have successfully setup offshore teams for several US-based companies.

At Velotio, our primary focus is to leverage latest transformational technologies to drive success for our customers. Our customers include B2B SaaS product companies, startups & enterprises .

Management Team

Kalpak shah

Founder AND CEO

Kalpak provides organizational leadership at Velotio with his unique combination of business understanding and technical acumen. He has successfully setup offshore teams for several customers.  

Kalpak founded Clogeny Technologies - the top cloud computing startup in India in 2010. Under his guidance, Clogeny grew 100% YoY until its acquisition by Msys Technologies. At Msys, Kalpak headed the overall technology development and guided the strategic direction of the company. He was instrumental in brokering a deal that led to the acquisition of the joint entity of Clogeny & Msys by Seagate Technologies. At Seagate, Kalpak worked on several cutting edge products in the High Performance Computing space. 

Prior to Clogeny, Kalpak worked at Symantec and Sun Microsystems in the areas of storage and distributed systems. He holds a Bachelors' degree in Computer Science from Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT). Kalpak is passionate about macro-economics, Italian food and playing Cricket. 

Email: kalpak at velotio.com


Chirag jog

Founder AND CTO

Chirag is responsible for Velotio’s technology vision and product engineering excellence. He has 10+ years of experience in building enterprise products.

Chirag co-founded Clogeny Technologies with Kalpak in 2010. He built and led one of the most respected teams, dealing with the hardest engineering problems in the cloud space including building a cloud migration platform and a polyglot Platform as a service product from scratch. He has built several innovative products in the cloud and devops space. 

At MSys, Chirag managed the entire engineering division consisting of 300+ engineers and oversaw the development and delivery activities of various projects. Chirag played a key role in the acquisition of the joint entity of Clogeny & Msys by Seagate Technologies. At Seagate, Chirag was involved in building innovative solutions for High performance computing products.

Prior to Clogeny, Chirag worked at AppliedMicro and IBM's Linux Technology Centre in the areas of distributed systems and enterprise real time products. He holds a Bachelors’ degree in Information Technology from Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT). Chirag is a fitness freak and loves reading about history and politics. 

Email: chirag at velotio.com