We architect cloud native applications and DevOps processes using modern technologies like micro-services, containers, and serverless to enable continuous integration, continuous delivery, and agile infrastructure.

Velotio has world class DevOps capabilities. Their architects have a deep understanding of the processes and tools required for setting up agile infrastructure and continuous delivery.
— VP, Engineering Boston-based Product Company

Why DevOps?

Companies that adopt mature DevOps practices have more frequent deploys, which allows them to introduce new features more often in a highly stable environment. The typical tension between development, QA, and operations is mitigated and everyone is more effective.

Deliver Applications Faster

The adoption of the cloud platforms, DevOps principles, and tools encourages a more rapid release cycle with a continuous introduction of new features, continuous testing and continuous deployment. 

DevOps Toolset

DevOps is a cultural shift and requires collaboration between various teams. DevOps toolset spans development, quality, infrastructure, configuration management, process management, security, operations & compliance. The diagram below provides more details.


Continuous Delivery - Velotio Technologies

Continuous Delivery

Shorten your software delivery cycle with continuous integration for development & testing. Make your infrastructure agile by automating operations & zero downtime deployments.

Microservices - Velotio Technologies


Enable your developers and infrastructure teams to move faster with composable services designed for independent deployment, scaling and recovery across all platforms.

Containers - Velotio Technologies


Enable ContainerOps, container-based application delivery, deployment, and distributed container scheduling by leveraging Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, ECS, etc.

DevOps Culture - Velotio Technologies

DevOps Culture

Build a culture and process to align incentives and behaviors across your teams. The CI, CD & DevOps is primarily to ensure that entire organization is aligned to build & deliver software faster.

Benefits of DevOps Adoption

  • Visibility: DevOps provides the ability to manage, track, collaborate and report on activities, tool engagement and data changes – for all stakeholders involved in end-to-end software delivery.

  • Automation: Automate as much of your infrastructure, deployments, builds, test runs, processes, reviews, etc. as you can. Focus on automating the process for the decision making and flow between different teams and different tools.

  • Flexibility: DevOps and cloud-native application development enables the agility to extend or replace existing tool-sets and processes with future technologies and best practices.

  • Governance: Enable a central location for all security, standards, compliance and policies across all functions, tools and platforms.

  • Scalability: DevOps enables smaller teams to manage the control, visibility and IT infrastructure resources at scale.

  • Extensibility: Strong integration capabilities to allow easy integration with tools, platforms and automation platforms.

DevOps Engagement Process

Understand what DevOps means for you, where you stand today, what are your goals and, most importantly, develop a plan to get there.


Velotio DevOps Expertise


Customer Success Stories

Customer: A leading provider of Enterprise software to Fortune 500 companies

Requirement: Customer wants in-production Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment to be enterprise-ready, stable, secure and agile.  

Velotio built automation around Build Deployment, Infrastructure Provisioning, Backups & Monitoring. Velotio ensured that the environment is production ready with HA across multiple zones & DR across regions.

Tools: TFS, Terraform, Packer, Powershell, Redis & Google Cloud Platform APIs. 


Customer: A leading provider of NPS SaaS software to SMBs

Requirement: Customer wants in-production AWS setup with Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka to be resilient with HA, secure & agile.

Velotio worked with the customer to setup Kubernetes along with Consul for service discovery on AWS Cloud. Velotio automated the orchestration, provisioning and deployment of the Kubernetes cluster with Docker instances, Consul, Kafka, the API layer and database layer on EC2. 

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