The client is a SalesTech platform which caters to enterprise sales teams, aiming to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their sales activities.They use machine learning and data analytics to predict enterprise purchasing patterns, and guide sales representatives on the actions that will improve the chances of closing a sale.

Velotio developed a voice-based chatbot to listen to commands via Amazon Alexa and provide insights, answers and recommendations. The bot also enables record updations, command executions or triggering a specific action or running based on voice commands.Salesforce CRM integration was done, to enable real time sync with records in the backend.

The bot was designed to offer below primary features :

  • Next recommended action for a specific prospect
  • Analyse a meeting summary and provide actionable insights
  • Automate administrative tasks such as updation of CRM records
  • Daily targets and updates based on Salesforce integrations
  • Leverage networks to identify influencers and connections to a prospect
“Velotio has a very thoughtful approach to software development. They ask a lot of questions and don’t seem to be in a hurry to get business just to have it. They’re very clear about who they can help, and do what it takes to help those clients”
— VP Product, SalesTech platform

Business Challenges

The major challenge was using voice based AI interface to provide a more (natural) sales solution for their end customers. There was a need for a more interactive medium to allow the customers to ask queries, access reports and specific insights.

Chatbots were considered to be used as a tool, however a more natural mode of communication was desired, owing to the end user being a salesperson who would prefer voice based commands to typing them into a chat window. The main aim was providing a experience for end users of the client.

Key Technologies & Platforms

The Solution

Two main components of the solution included:

Amazon Lex: Lex is the AWS service for building conversational interfaces into applications using voice. Amazon Lex provides the advanced deep learning functionalities of automatic speech recognition (ASR) for converting speech to text, and natural language understanding (NLU). Lex helped the bot interact with humans in the way that the humans find it natural. Amazon Alexa was used with Lex to create the voice based solution.  

Amazon Polly: Amazon Polly lets developers build applications that can talk. The service also offers dozens of lifelike voices in multiple languages, thus also allowing developers to target audiences in a variety of countries. Amazon Polly is fully integrated into the customer production environment, supporting Voice AI services within the reminder feature of the app.

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