They are a Silicon Valley based SalesTech startup. Sales people on the platform can guide buyers through each touch point in the sales process with specialized content, delivered in a uniquely engaging manner. 

Using machine learning, the platform can recommend the most effective content, the best time and medium to share for each sales or marketing opportunity, substantially increasing buyer interest. Managers can use data-based insights to help the team sell better and to make content-based decisions for creating better content.

Business Challenges

They have a large AWS cloud infrastructure setup of over 1000 servers, including an ElasticSearch cluster of over 100 nodes. This was not effectively managed, nor was there automated provisioning and management of the infrastructure. Effective management of the cloud infrastructure and automation for provisioning and routine tasks such as backup, upgrades, cluster management was desired.

Velotio was great to work with. They took a very structured approach to our problem to come up with a solution that is scalable and has shown results from day one.
— VP Engineering

How Velotio Helped?

Velotio started off by analyzing the current AWS infrastructure and improving its efficiency as well as optimizing expenditure. We also re-architected some parts of the platform for greater efficiency. DevOps tools were used to automate the provisioning, configuration management and deployment on the AWS infrastructure.

The Solution

The solution was split into multiple areas, each solving a specific issue and all of them totally adding up to an optimized infrastructure and automation in terms of provisioning, configuration management and deployment on the cloud infrastructure.

  • Spot Fleet Instances:  We setup ElasticsearchPercolates cluster to use Spot Fleet Instances instead of regular instances.

  • Right-sizing Instances:  We ran various performance tests to choose the cheapest instances with optimal performance.

  • Re-architecture: Converted various parts of the platform code to run as Lambdas and Step Functions.

  • Monitoring: Constant cost monitoring with alerts tracking cost budgets, excessive use during non-peak hours usage etc.

  • DevOps Automation: AWSOpsworks(Chef) for Configuration Management, Terraform for Infrastructure Orchestration, SemaphoreCI for build & deployment automation

Key Technologies & Platforms



The client was able to automate the entire process of infrastructure provisioning, configuration management and deployment for their development needs. It resulted in considerable savings in terms of resource productivity and time spent in terms of setting up the infrastructure.

The infrastructure was optimized to function more effectively and Velotio also helped streamline the cost of using the cloud infrastructure.

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