The client is a fast-growing Real Estate Tech company with distributed engineering teams. As part of their digital transformation strategy, they wanted to move to continuous delivery with releases as often as daily instead of their 6 monthly release cycle. Velotio worked with the client's CTO on an initial 'Discovery Phase' to understand their current application and infrastructure landscape along with business and success criteria for this project.  Velotio ensured success for the customer with 3 initiatives:

  • Mature CI platform and DevOps-led software development

  • Infrastructure automation with AWS platform

  • Shift towards micro-services based architecture
Velotio has been instrumental in our adoption of DevOps and Continuous Delivery transformation. They quickly setup a team of software devs and DevOps architects with expertise across various platforms and toolsets.
— CTO, SF based Real Estate Tech company

Business Challenges

  • Monolithic architecture and tight coupling between all elements of the codebase were limiting the ability to develop high-quality code. Especially with engineering teams in 3 geographies, tightly-coupled architecture and tribal knowledge leads to high costs.
  • The client made 2 acquisitions and those teams came up their own DevOps toolsets leading to multiple toolchains and cloud platforms.
  • The client needed a platform that would support faster and frequent releases of software enabling shorter time to market and more experimentation across various platforms and geographies. 

Key Technologies & Platforms


The Solution

Velotio worked with the client's CTO and VP Engineering to understand their current applications, infrastructure and deployment environments. We also chalked out in quantifiable detail all the business requirements and desired metrics. This gave both of us a holistic view and a clear target to work towards.

Velotio worked with the client to adopt the following approaches:

  • A modern micro-services based architecture - small, discrete services with clear APIs that can independently developed and deployed. 
  • Standardize the DevOps toolchain and ensure that Jenkins, Github and Jira are all synced with all information breaking silos. Also use Slack to ensure necessary information is dispersed and use ChatOps where applicable.
  • Ensure that all phases of software development are automated within CI & CD processes. We automated everything possible. 
  • Effective use of AWS platform and leverage AWS services wherever possible. The world is moving to "as-a-Service" model for everything and it makes sense to leverage ready services where available.
  • Continuous Delivery: Fast and frequent releases with change management. Tracked all metrics for software development and IT to ensure that bottlenecks can be surfaced quickly.

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