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Surviving & Thriving in the Age of Software Accelerations

Surviving & Thriving in the Age of Software Accelerations

Enterprises need to adopt a new approach to software development and digital innovation. At Velotio, we are helping customers to modernize and transform their business with all of the approaches and best practices listed here in this blog. We talk in detail about how to achieve agility, cloud native development, DevOps maturity, micro-services adoption, digital transformation and build intelligent applications using data science in a secure environment.

Bots: Disruption or Bubble?

Bots are the new black! The entire tech industry seems to be buzzing with “bot” fever. Me and my co-founders often see a “bot” company and discuss it’s business model. We should consider that there are many types of “bots” — chat bots, voice bots, AI assistants, robotic process automation(RPA) bots, conversational agents within apps or websites, etc.

Over the last year, we have been building some interesting chat and voice based bots which has given me some interesting insights. I hope to lay down my thoughts on bots in some detail and with some structure.