Building an Intelligent Chatbot Using Botkit and Rasa NLU

Building an Intelligent Chatbot Using Botkit and Rasa NLU

Bots are the flavour of the season. Everyday, we hear about a new bot catering to domains like travel, social, legal, support, sales, etc. being launched. Facebook Messenger alone has more than 11,000 bots when I last checked and must have probably added thousands of them as I write this article.

The first generation of bots were dumb since they could understand only a limited set of queries based on keywords in the conversation. But the commoditisation of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and machine learning by services like,, Amazon Lex, IBM Watson, etc. has resulted in the growth of intelligent bots like donotpaychatShopper.

Bots: Disruption or Bubble?

Bots are the new black! The entire tech industry seems to be buzzing with “bot” fever. Me and my co-founders often see a “bot” company and discuss it’s business model. We should consider that there are many types of “bots” — chat bots, voice bots, AI assistants, robotic process automation(RPA) bots, conversational agents within apps or websites, etc.

Over the last year, we have been building some interesting chat and voice based bots which has given me some interesting insights. I hope to lay down my thoughts on bots in some detail and with some structure.