Velotio provides exceptional Application and IT Infrastructure Modernization services. We help enterprises and ISVs to modernize their legacy applications and infrastructure with cloud native development, micro-services, DevOps, containers, and serverless.

We also build modern green-field cloud native applications.

Velotio helped us with AWS adoption – moving from legacy, monolithic platform to container and SaaS microservices delivered through Continuous Delivery.
— CTO, San Diego based Software ISV

Elements of Modern Applications & Infrastructure

Cloud native - Velotio Technologies

Cloud Native

Innovate faster by leveraging cloud architecture and SaaS services to build automated, robust, scalable and agile applications.

Containers - Velotio Technologies


Enable container-based application delivery, deployment and distributed container scheduling by leveraging Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, ECS, etc.

Microservices - Velotio Technologies


Enable your developers and infrastructure teams to move faster with composable services designed for independent deployment, scaling and recovery across all platforms.

DevOps - Velotio Technologies


Build a culture and process to align incentives and behaviors across your teams. The CI, CD & DevOps is primarily to ensure that entire organization is aligned to build & deliver software faster.

Serverless - Velotio Technologies


Build your business with hosted SaaS services and Function-as-a-Service architectures which further reduces your infrastructure providing even more scale and agility. Learn more.

New Systems of Engagement - Velotio Technologies

New Systems of Engagement

Chatbots, voice computing, AI assisted job functions, decision augmentation - new system of engagements are disrupting established businesses which requires re-architecture.

Benefits of Application Modernization to Businesses & Customers

Benefits of application modernization to businesses & customers

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